Monday, May 28, 2007

Campus Progress T-Shirt Entry


David said...


You have a knack for smart and inspirational designs like this, eh?
I think that the text doesn't look as "empowering" as the "REPRESENT" text did. The text needs to follow that upsweeping motion!
Lady Liberty's arm looks short (rather than foreshortened) due to a misdirected cross-contour line near the elbow.

Nice design, again.

David said...

Also, those skirty patterns of black at the bottom are distracting me from the text.

Paul said...

All astute points. The arm is fucked up, always have a knack for pointing out my anatomical errors! I blame the upward glancing perspective.

I meant the text to be more integrated into the style of the graphic, and instead it seems to "pop" off of it. If I were to re-do it, I would of blasted the text out of the bottom, with opposing diagonal swaths of black/white to those of the skirt.

Really though, I was a little too conscious of my previous design while doing this. Thematically, there's really no difference, and with the high contrast, it was hard to stylistically venture in a new direction. The text became a necessary diversion, when I was in the midst of conceiving it. The guy I sent it to seemed to really like it, but I'm not sure I like the small voice in me that feels typecast. I'm running out of monuments!

David said...

I think you could do at least three more in the Empowered Monuments series.

Finish 'em off before they even ask.