Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 11th Pictures

Your long botanical nightmare is over!



More peppers! All the cage food items are doing remarkably well. We have finally begun to consume our fruits of labor, to delicious results. The big ticket items seen above are still a few weeks short of readiness, but hopefully those dreams of Brooklyn salsa will soon be realized.

Moving the beginnings of our sunny side planting:

Artemesia: fluffy, silver, grew one back home. This guy is a fan favorite and really seems to be taking to our glass/plastic/sweater filled soil. Once I am able to take more pictures in the daylight, its growth will be noticeable.

Lavender: as advertised, attracts butterflies. Minutes after planting a Monarch butterfly flew by and landed on it. I stood there dumbfounded, while Winnie was mostly frightened. A bold statement: We are officially impacting the biosphere on our side of the BQE.

The "torch" sunflowers are about 2' tall in this photo, and beginning to show signs of flowering.

The full scope of work to this point. All those little sticks? "Stakes" for sunflower seedlings we planted. Much growth in recent days, along with additional plants to fill out the shady side, requires more recent photo documentation.

To be planted...soon.