Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am trying to make a lizard character. Which one do you guys like best?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rippin' Flesh, Crackin' Skulls

I did these with markers over the weekend and cleaned them up a bit for posting. Look at the crazy range of hues that can be squeezed out of strictly warm gray markers...the brown colored stuff is 1 and 3 warm gray Chartpak, and the purple colored stuff is 10, 30, and 50% warm gray Prismacolor. Some black and white pencil can alter the intensity of marker hue considerably.

For each design, I focused on 1. diverse shapes and curves, and 2. diverse ways to marry wood and stone. I imagined these to be the master works of the greatest axsmith in the land, somewhere around 12,000 b.c. In the comic I do for this phase of the class I'm going to invent a primitive technology where the axsmith crafts dozens of blades by firelight in his cave, then goes out the sacred tree where he embeds the blades in its branches. Over many years, the tree grows around the blades, and when sufficiently joined, the axsmith lops off the blade-containing branch and has his naturally wrought power ax.

This process is relevant to today's designed objects...materials and design elements should flow seamlessly in and out of each other.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Did I post this already?

I tried to make a really nice comic page called "Paul won't play slapcat," but it sucks. I do not yet have the Dimitrian discipline to plan and execute a full page. I'll try again. But here's something I did on Paul's computer last week. I thought I posted it. But maybe not?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three full days of planning, drawing, coloring:

This is pretty much it...didn't present today but will debut this at full size about 20x20 inches) next Tues. Coloring is hard and takes forever! I think the narrative suffered with the loss of color on most of the frames-- Heath was supposed to be introduced visually in the second frame and identified throughout by his strong red color. Oh well. The next project is a full-on stone and wood fantasy ax, no holds barred as long as its made of natural materials, and we can use power tools to make it. It'll be a four-week project. By the way, I TOTALLY killed in the real life cutting competition, demolishing the piece of pine in 4 mins 10 secs...no one else finished, and the event was ended after 9 minutes. Comments welcomed!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Comic with title, text

Here is the comic, pretty much done, in black and white. For class this week we had to imagine ourselves as cavemen discovering chipped stone tools. We had to make a stone cutting device (sharp rock) with our hands and document the process. This comic is my documentation. I went to Rocky Hill to get the rock that I chipped away at...notice mention of this in the comic! Any suggestions on the drawing or written part are welcomed. I'm going to try and color it now...if I fail I'll just bring this version.

Another comic!

I'm doing this for my Design Methodology class and I have to color it tomorrow. I haven't finished cleaning it up yet. Its about a cave man named Heath who is the first one in his cave town to make a cutting instrument out of a rock. I wish I had used ink-- the pencil is becoming a pain in the digital phase. Oh well, I think I'm doing another next week. Cheers!