Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Did I post this already?

I tried to make a really nice comic page called "Paul won't play slapcat," but it sucks. I do not yet have the Dimitrian discipline to plan and execute a full page. I'll try again. But here's something I did on Paul's computer last week. I thought I posted it. But maybe not?


Dimitri said...

I don't remember seeing this...I can see the two guys on the end put right into stories, especially the one on the left, which is more hilarious--I think you told me about a story idea you had about the first sea creature to discover land. Is this him? do a short strip! I was lucky in my experience not to have to invent a story for Heath. The plot was already there. Inventing even comic-length stories is hard.

Check out Katie rice's blog...she did a quick comic recently and its hilarious and awesome. plus it looks like she had a lot more fun doing hers than I did doing mine...its quick looking and done with markers.

Paul said...

Paul can't always SlapKat.