Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am trying to make a lizard character. Which one do you guys like best?

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Dimitri said...

First off, kudos on the quantity here. That shows discipline. Cast a wide net, as they say in the biz. And the quality, too...these pages are full of energy! Looks like you've explored designs as well as expressions here. Clearly, you can squeeze a lot of emotion into the faces of these guys...I'm excited to see what happens when the body gesture comes more into play. Although the body expressions on the last pages are already hilarious. The tail eating thing is a gem.

Design: I'm responding to the designs where the eyes emerge as their own volumes, sitting like bubbles on the surface. To my mind exaggerating the eye bulge expresses what lizards look like. They are funny looking! not like a caw or a cat. not very funny animals, imo. monkeys are funny, too. Plus, bulging eyes means you can squeeze them into different shapes and move them around more...do more with the lid and brow. Plus(2),the lizard-like creatures you've drawnin the past seem to have a similar head structure, which includes bulging eyes...as if you're gravitating in this direction because you really like it. Organizing simple iconic forms makes for strong characters...I like looking at the third page after the second, because it looks like you were studying the true form of the lizard(nicely done), and then abstracting and extracting the essence on the very next page.

So...my faves are on the first page, middle left(with hands crossed)

first page top center(full body shot, standing on hind legs

third page, second up from bottom left

last page, bottom center

Showing the teeth looks great for expressions! the spikes on the back i see as a device for effective exaggeration of torso position...just dont make them too complex, it'll be a huge pain to draw them a million times.

cheers, nice work!