Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am trying to do some character animation.

Since I have idiotically forgotten for at least a year that I always wanted to do character animation, I have decided to commit to entering the October "11 Second Club" character animation competition ( I am learning that character animation takes a long, long, time. At least in the beginning, I guess. So here is a first pass of poses....I think I'm going to do the final in Maya or maybe Flash.

And then after you watch my crappy little thingie, scroll left in the YouTube browser and watch the Cyriak's Animation Mix video. I really loved it and I wish I could work for him.


Dimitri said...

Whats cool about this is that even though its a silhouette figure, more gesture is communicated than in any the other entries I looked at. you can tell there is drawing behind the shadow...Though at the same time, the simplicity of the silhouette keeps out a lot of useful subtleties like more facial stuff, so naturally the larger body gestures have to be exaggerated, which is risky.

show me some figures with volume! you know you want to! don't hold back! if you work and work and work this year to be as good as milt kahl and you fail, you will have spent the year getting good at what you love to do. Let us all get good!

Paul said...

huzzah! a rally cry!