Monday, October 22, 2007


Redrew some poses for the same audio thing is due in like ten days.


Dimitri said...

cool, keep going!

Paul said...

I like it. There is some nice progression in the poses, from your first pass to this one. I think of this audio clip in four distinct parks, in terms of the obvious pauses, but also the emotion of the voice.

1. I thought that if I could help him in some way... 2. ...get him this girl that he loves... These are of a similar tonality to me, the proposition of what was at stake. The ways the arms and hands move in this series are very sucessful at coveying the character's semi-selfish intentions...lots of nice extremes out, but back in, targeting the subject. But the pause between the two is still apparent, and distinguished with subtle changes in movement styles.

3. ...that maybe you know... I feel that this could be more loose. It seems like the character's face could appear closer, as if trying to relate to the viewer more, in a "killing time to think of an excuse" type of way.

4. ...things would change for me. It seems like there is too much shame in the progression of the final pose. There's more false intention in the voice for what I see in your character...perhaps it should be more seemingly honest, or for that matter, more superficial and overblown. where it is going, let's see some more!