Wednesday, May 16, 2007

frozen string poster

Well guys, I'm honored to be a part of the gang. I must admit, I am feeling very blocked in the art-making department right now. I am really busy but not with anything that is feeling particularly fufilling in a creative way. This is a postcard that I made for a friend's band. It's the third one I've done for him. They are kind of silly and were basically an exercise for me to learn how to use the computer to draw. I have learned how to simplify in order to speed up the process. It still takes me about four hours to do this, believe it or not. So it's not really worth the $100, but it's fun to see my postcards get passed around. They are going to make an album soon and I have been asked to do the artwork for the album. I'm thinking I'd like to actually paint them with *real* paint but I wonder how much that would change the look.


Paul said...

julie, welcome aboard.

as for the cd could always paint/draw by hand and refine it in the computer afterwards, to achieve the same look. it would take a little longer, but you could always ask for more monies.

Dimitri said...

First, this doesn't look like it was done on the computer, which is cool. Are you using artrage? The marks look like real colored pencil and have the appealing quality of a well done sidewalk sign in front of a restaurant, where you can tell the artist really wants you to look at it. I like the placement of the guys in the band...looks thoughtful, as do their little white faces.