Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Night & Day At My Summer Home, Upstate

I had to get back into the high contrast mindset, as Winnie and I are working on a couple new T-shirt designs for various acquaintances. I felt compelled to add the color, though I'm not sure why...I should of just left it as it was.


Dimitri said...

Awesome! I just watched Howls's Moving Castle and this cottage reminds me of the castle. Love the abstract designey stuff going on in the BG, love the mailbox. Great handling of familiar and otherworldly elements. when visualizing something conceptual like this, it is important no to take it too far out there. All these recognizable achitectural elements squicshed and twisted create an mysterious image that is made more appealing by the comic book style ink job...juicy.

the color is cool, it makes me want to see a moon in the sky...

Paul said...

The orbs in the sky to the left were supposed to be waning moon phases...but I messed up and just did the same thing 4 times. Silly me.

Familiar, and otherworldly! I like that. I pray at the temple of Gaudi, or Escher, with this drawing.