Tuesday, May 22, 2007

1-2-3 T-Shirt

Quick sketch on the G Train from Billyburgh to Cobble Hill. I guess my notes on the scanned page explain the high points of my thinking...high contrast (easy to reproduce), pump up the jams tag line, recognizable image...transformed with a college aged symbol and rocket-like lift off.


David said...

Is there a diploma in her right hand, too? This is a great idea. I think that it's ready to be put into stencil form. It also has Prometheus Rising echoes.

Dimitri said...

Maybe sketch a quick bird's eye or worm's eye view of the launch, I imagine even a slight perspective change in either direction would add a lot of drama.

Paul said...

Great suggestions!

I didn't think of the tablet as a diploma, but it is now. I had a dead-on view ready to go, but changed my mind, for the more dynamic looking-up perspective. The shadows from her gown really enable the smoke/launch abstraction, so here's hoping it turns out ok. To be posted, soon.