Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Go!

Monster time! This guy would make a great dancer...or maybe pianist...


David said...

First I should say that all the colors and textures are really awesome, and the volumes all appear to have integrity. So it functions as a successful sculpture in that way.
But I will critique the character design. Some of the anatomy could have been developed a little more. The awkward center leg is keeping the body shape from being structurally believable. The bone attaching to the center leg doesn't feel strong enough to do its job. The creature is built like a creature that would normally have an exoskeleton, but since it's clear that it's pretty reptilian, it would need more muscle mass around that supporting leg. The feet pads don't make sense with the claws; it looks like tumors.
Pretending that the creature exists for a while (and imagining its survival problems) would help solve some of these design issues.

Nice work!

Paul said...

Really nice...aside from Dave's comments, I would want to see more shadow beneath his head, make the fangs "pop".