Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Competition to design a shed

I'm doing this project to design a garden shed. Objective: must look COOL! also, I recently decided that it will collect water on the roof and store it in a tank for soothing, low-pressure, gravity-feed garden hose action.

SO: I liked the way they do these little profiles in the "Skillful Huntsman" book I have. They are fast and if you don't produce an interesting variety of shapes, they look crappy.

THEN: Then I picked one of the stronger designs and riffed on it solely for the purpose of generating unique visual ideas. The water tank thing will be now be blended in.

More later!


David said...

The profiles are really stunning!!! I am very excited because you're really raising the bar--this looks like bona fide Art Center work.
Impressive shape variety and "shape theme" within each thumbnail...I can see that you actually strategized your patterns in many (if not all) of them. They look a lot like pirate ships with crooked masts and torn sails.
I think that your more developed drawings might use too many simple curves. If you're in a Hundertwasserian "I hate straights" mode, you might want those curves to be a little sloppier, because they seem almost as mechanical as straight lines and angles. I think the upper-left drawing conveys the sweep of the profile shape the most accurately.
That bottom left drawing looks like an alien tumor. Sleek and gross.

Dimitri said...

Thanks for the crit!

can you describe or indicate the curves that stand out to you as mechanical? I have favorite curves that I fall back on a lot and I'm trying to get over this...that's one of the reasons I did the profiles.

Yeah, I'm kind of in I hate straights mode, maybe I'll throw one in!