Monday, July 16, 2007

All Hail the Mighty Caldor, Keeper of the Peace!

I gave Caldor some value with my snazzy set of Letraset Tria markers(thanks Dave). I'm going to color him up now! He's a benevolent king who keeps pomegranate juice in the end of his staff. Also, he's 1000 years old and has several sets of legs to choose from.


David said...

Nice one! This one has none of structural questions of the previous creature. What kind of color scheme is planned?
We have to post more than once a day to beat our monthly high.

Dimitri said...

Don't know about the color yet, I'm working on a different rendering now that is fast, with a brushed look rather than an air brushed look.

Paul said...

fantastic rendering technique! i vote for no color.