Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Renders

These are some renderings done with Bunkspeed...THANKS DAVE for helping me get it!!! All the stuff is still up in the air- handle, number lighting, font style, etc... but it's fun to see it come alive!


David said...

It's hard to critique because I am stunned by the reality of it, all of a sudden. If the real post will look bluish like that, it'd be very futurecool. That wacky short '2' is borderline spaceship in terms of avant garde-ness...maybe tune it back 50 years, to 2015 or so.

Paul said...


- How is it supported? I would consider anchors welded to the post at the same location as the connections for the mailbox above set in a concrete base as wide as the mailbox's largest dimensions. It can be covered with dirt after, you would have to compensate in height for that.

- The color contrast is great, are they realistic? The post looks stainless, the mailbox is a powdercoat?

- Is there a reason to finish the back end of the mailbox cylinder different from the front? It might look more polished and be easier to manufacture as a version of the front, fixed lid-like.

- How do you hinge the front face on the curve? Are they concealed?

- I like the numbers a lot - is there a "flag" component for mail notification?

- Maybe the handle evokes the post, a sinuous S shape?

Dimitri said...

Thanks for the comments-

I'm doing some color/number variations today.

Pauls, you're right on the money with the welded anchors...shangismachine suggested the same.

Might powdercoat...might do rustoleum outdoor stuff...depends on surface quality of stock material(powdercoat would cover imperfections) and durability performance.

I thought the front would look a little too busy with the radial cuts on it...I like the fact that there are 9 cuts on the back...

Still thinking about the hinge...hard to conceal because there can be no obstruction whatsoever inside the box..hmmm maybe place the hinge on the side?

Client isn't interested in a flag...they don't do outgoing mail...

I'm going with a simple arc for the handle because I can get it from my local interior design showroom for 10 bucks...major cost and time savings vs. the production of a custom handle.