Monday, June 1, 2009

Selected concepts from the mailbox project

I was trying to cast a wide net here... client was very pleased! yey! Now on to the real designing part of the!


Paul said...

When the fat gets trimmed I would move to axonometrics to be able to work both side and front profiles. Lots of the delicate arc schemes would get an immediate boost in intrigue. #7 strikes me as the most developed in this sense, but might prove difficult to manufacture. Which ones did they lean to?

David said...

Lots of great stuff here.
I bet any of these designs could get refined into something awesome.
I think this may end up being one of your best portfolio page-spreads.

The identical material highlight makes some of the feel artificially similar, or perhaps just part of a "family" of designs.

David said...

One new crit after my fourth viewing.
I think it's a comment on the rendering style rather than the design itself.
I am looking for a large shape and I'm not getting one (at least from the images -- the real mailboxes built from these plans might not exhibit this strange quality) -- I see all spaghetti lines and big gradients. I don't feel like I get a satisfying "camera-facing plane". Maybe reducing the value-span of the gradients would create a stronger shape-read.

Dimitri said...

Nice comments! thanks...I'll address these issues this week! Had a good talk with Shang about the ones they picked...will post when I have new stuff.