Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Table being built at shop

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be the extra M of MMS. I've enjoyed seeing all the cool work you guys have been doing. I don't have any new drawings but this is what I have been doing at work... This is the altar table I designed for the Dealy Chapel at Fordham University. Behind the table is white onyx and gold and glass mosaic tile.


Paul said...

Welcome to the fold!

David said...

It looks like it's in a museum! Is that a subtle inward slope I see on the top of the feet? I am constantly noticing how that fits with the downward-leaf negative shape generated by the legs. I've heard of polished work, but this is ridiculous.
Killer killer portfolio piece! What's it smell like?

David said...

I want to see more detail of the top surface, too. So classy!