Thursday, January 24, 2008

Deeper Image

This assignment started with a series of thumbnails last night. Strangely, I was thinking of a barn-like structure for the focal point in the distance as well, but gradually it morphed into a Palladian reference. Photoshop over pencil sketch...happy with the black, but had to rush the color during work hours (blah).

UPDATE: Perhaps this is better.

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David said...

Nice work. Weirdly bright. Risky stuff on the left side. I would like to see something happen with that slice-shaped negative space on the left. The multi-tiered structure is cool. Do you have a conception of the structure beyond what you've shown?

The idea of setting a structure into the landscape always excites me.

I think I am going to look at some Frank Frazetta paintings today. He does some really nice "deep" images in portrait format:

I was going to post my thumbnails, too, but it was already 3:30am.