Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watch Pinocchio!

I watched Pinocchio in my Disney Feature class today--it was probably the first time I had seen it in at least 15 years. I highly recommend it!
Rent it, and look out for:
- The insane backgrounds of the exterior of Pinocchio's house. When he's on his front patio before going to school, it looks completely dimensional and convincing. A magical moment.
- The connotations of the Pleasure Island device: lose your self-control, become a depraved tool of society.
- Jiminy Cricket's stellar voice acting
- Figaro's perfectly hybridized cat/cartoon animation. Moves just like a real cat, only humanized.
- Stromboli's hilarious caricaturing of the Italian immigrant--his faces and gestures are perfect, except they seem a bit too late (against the dialogue) and too squishy for my taste.

We also watched the three best segments from Fantasia (Nutcracker Suite, Dance of the Hours, Night on Bald Mountain). Definitely worth watching. I could put the individual segments up on my web server, which I still haven't gotten around to populating with a web page...

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