Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm applying to be the store artist for union square Whole Foods...

You have to make funny chalkboard signs...I made these two and emailed them as samples...did them in Artrage...learned a lot doing the "Corn" sign and managed to get the "Blueberries" sign just about where I wanted it. I have to work on my color!


Paul said...

I like the corn colors, but I'm sure they would prefer to have the text not be obscured by the graphic, as much.

The blueberry one is great. I'd bold the "blueberry" text, make it the blueberry color, and highlight with the yellow you used from behind.

This position sounds like more fun than I can imagine. Good luck!

David said...

These are fun, and it's good that they seem feasible in chalk.
That does indeed sound like an awesome job.
Some of the text would look tastier with more convexity, like "inflating" it a bit. Specifically I'm talking about the 9s in the corn price and the "FRESH" in blueberries.
I think the corn image looks pretty classy. Husks look they want to be longer.
But who knows what kinds of palette limitations chalk creates?