Thursday, February 7, 2008

a Room in a House on a Hill on the Shore

I was waiting in a bar near home for someone, and decided to break out the ol' Moleskine. I reached for my trusty black felt pen, but it was dead. Next up, the Hitec. I'll admit that this was my first time really working the pen on one drawing, but over the 20 minutes or so I spent on this I learned a few things. The pen leaks a little at the start, something I struggled with early. The texture abilities through its consistency are limitless. The fineness or exactness of the point is unmatched in writing implements I have ever used. So, an assist to Dave for this post, well done. Retrospect-wise, perhaps I should have spent 15 minutes on this rather than 20, but whatever it was fun regardless.

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David said...

It's never too late to comment!
I can see which areas you enjoyed and which ones you were hurrying on very easily. Next time just leave out the stuff you don't want to do!